Brandi Watts

Brandi Watts is a Canadian artist, well known to western Canada’s blues and indie music scenes. Aside from playing, writing and performing music, she also creates visual art, writes stories, essays, poems, plays and has had opinion pieces published. Additionally, she has just completed her fourth year of physics and engineering studies at the University of the Fraser Valley and has enjoyed working for several years in the masonry trade as a brick and stone mason, also widely regarded in her field as an exceptionally skilled mason’s tender. The totality of these pursuits and accomplishments exemplifies her propensity for hard work and self-motivation and qualifies her as a modern day polymath. There can be no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with.

The business of being an artist has been impacted significantly by the advent of the internet. While many others are pessimistic about the effect that this has had on the incomes of artists, Brandi remains optimistic that the world wide web is, in fact, beginning to provide opportunities for artists to connect directly with lovers of art and anticipates that this heralds a new age of patronage.

This website provides an opportunity for Brandi to connect with people world wide and for them to both access what she has been creating and meaningfully support her in her ongoing efforts if they find that her work resonates with them.

As this website is built over the next weeks to months, you will be able to download songs that she has produced herself, watch videos of her playing music, check out pictures of her and order prints of her photographs. Much of this will be free for you, and some of it will be for purchase. In any case, you will be able to donate any amount to her directly, in order to support her in both her artistic and scholastic pursuits. You will also be able to read posts that she will be making about her activities and what is on her mind at present, as well as find links to internet content that she thinks is cool.

New content will be regularly appearing on this site, especially over the next short while as the site gets up and running, so make sure to check in every once in a while for updates!